My personal e-mail address is

If you’d like to send me a PGP encrypted messsage, download my public key. Beware, a third party might still be able to intercept your message by compromising your computer or mine. Your e-mail provider and mine will also see the From, To, Subject and Date of your email, along with various other metadata. They may keep a permanent record of this metadata and may disclose it to third parties. Let me know if you wish to send a message or files that require heightened security. (How to use PGP)

You can also contact me using or another XMPP-compatible chat app. My XMPP handle is (this is not an email address!). If you wish to confirm you are speaking to me and not an impostor, my OMEMO fingerprint is a7d3844e 3da59555 28f6e02b ccaa35b6 b52c0cf2 ba533855 dd773f96 5f89581f.

Follow me on Twitter at @TomWills.